Our global journey:ย A year on the road, with our belongings stored at BookaBox.com.

Why we would do it the same way again

The decision to store our household in selfstorage turned out to be extremely practical.

Lisa und Paul,ย 29 & 30 Years, fromย Spain

A year ago we decided to leave everything behind and go on a trip around the world.

There were many organizational challenges to overcome, especially accommodating our household.

Why a trip around the world?

The idea for our trip around the world came from a strong desire for adventure and personal development. We wanted to explore the world, get to know new cultures and move outside of our comfort zone. A year of enjoying freedom and discovering the beauty of our planet was a unique opportunity for us.

Rent out the apartment

Our apartment was one of the first things we had to clarify.

Since we would be traveling for a whole year, we decided to rent it out.

Not only would this finance our trip, but it would also ensure that our home wasn't left empty while we were away.

We started advertising our apartment on various real estate portal platforms.

After a few visits, we finally found a nice tenant who wanted to rent our apartment for the entire duration of our trip. This gave us the financial security we needed.

Moving to selfstorage

With a tenant in place for our apartment, we had to worry about storing our personal belongings. Since we had to completely empty our apartment, we decided to store our furniture and other possessions in selfstorage.

Choosing the right selfstorage provider was crucial. We were looking for a provider that was safe, accessible, flexible and secure. After thorough research and a test visit, we decided on BookaBox.com.

BookaBox.com met our requirements and offered several advantages, as well as good value for money.

Storing household goods

Storing our household items was time consuming but well organized. We made a list in advance and eliminated items that we didn't need on our trip. For storage, we packed our remaining possessions into sturdy boxes and marked them carefully. We made sure to pad and protect sensitive items particularly well. This made it easier for us to find the things we needed later. The Tips & Tricks articles from BookaBox.com helped us a lot. โ€‹ โ€‹

The advantages of selfstorage

The decision to store our household in selfstorage turned out to be extremely practical. This brought numerous advantages:

First of all, safety: BookaBox.com attaches great importance to high safety standards, which meant our personal belongings were in safe hands.

The flexibility was another plus point. We had access to our storage space at any time and could easily remove or add items as needed. We were also able to give friends and family access, which made things easier.ย 

And last but not least, choosing BookaBox.com meant that we didn't have to burden anyone in our family or friends by asking them to store our household items. This spared us and our loved ones from any inconvenience.

Our trip around the world was an unforgettable experience and storing our household belongings proved to be a wise decision.

Even after our trip around the world, the storage room remains. We just switched to a smaller one because we don't need as much space anymore. But that was possible without any problems and now we are gradually getting rid of things that we no longer need.

But since we have flexible contract terms, everything is very uncomplicated.

Overall, we are very happy with our selfstorage experience.

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