Security at

Your belongings are in good hands with us.

Our buildings have a sophisticated security system.

We use the latest AI technology to protect the bearings.

The halls are well lit and, thanks to their design and pleasant ambience, do not look like typical warehouses, so you are not only safe, but also feel safe!

All doors can only be opened if you are within a certain radius.

24/7 Camera Surveillance

We always have access to the camera system to check the buildings at any time.


Our buildings are secured by an alarm system.

Access only for authorized persons

Only people with access permission can access the building via the app.


In addition to the €2000 basic insurance, you can choose a higher amount so that more valuable items are also insured.

Climate Controll

We can control the temperature of the warehouses so that it doesn't get too cold or too warm. Of course, ventilation is also provided.

Fire protection

Our warehouses meet all required fire protection regulations.

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